Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

TAADS was formed by three founding members that combine for over 65 years of experience in assisting organizations with identifying, assessing, and developing talented individuals.
  • You don’t sell an assessment. You form a partnership.

    Two teams come together to develop solutions derived from years of experience, proper discovery, and constant validation and recalibration.

  • This partnership has to be easy.

    This cannot be a cumbersome or time consuming process for our advocates, their employees, or their candidates.

  • You can’t be all things to all clients.

    We want to be your Assessment Partner.

    In a space crowded with organizations racing to add the next “bolt on”, with the hope of scoring a big payday from a software titan…we just want to work with you on Assessment. It’s what we love, it is what we have collectively spent the last couple of decades focusing on, it’s the only solution that we eat, sleep, drink.

  • To that end we want to do a handful of things:

    Understand how we can complement your talent acquisition initiatives and assist you in achieving your intended business outcomes.

    Provide you with meaningful, credible, data-driven assessment solutions to assist you in making great hires.

    Deliver technology that you can leverage to hire the best talent in the fastest fashion.

    Provide you with targeted developmental opportunities to grow your talent.

    Serve as an extension of your talent acquisition and development team.

We have worked with companies at all levels and delivered solutions that run the continuum from high volume hourly assessment to High-Stakes Executive Assessment and Development.

We look forward to sharing what we have learned and how we can help you assess and develop your most valuable resource…your people.