Other Services

Other Services

In addition to our core offerings, TAADS provides various tailored or bespoke solutions for organizations with unique needs or those simply wanting that little extra bit of branding or customization. In developing such solutions, our approach is to work collaboratively with the client, while following professional guidelines, to produce a truly unique solution.

  • Customized Competency Models

    While we have a broad competency library, occasionally clients require some degree of modification. This can range from rewording our existing competencies to the local vernacular to the development of technical or functional competencies specific to the firm.

  • Customized Assessment Solutions

    Our ready-to-use configurable solutions meet the vast majority of client needs quickly and in a cost efficient manner. Some organizations require or desire a more localized solution, such as:

    • Creating a behavioral assessment around the company’s existing competency model.

    • Developing a situational judgment test for a unique job or reflective or the company’s unique operating environment.

    • Developing job knowledge or proficiency exams for product knowledge, internal operating procedures, or certification programs.

  • HR Analytics -

    Our consultants can help any organization mine its existing people data in ways to answer important business questions. By applying various analytical models, we can help companies understand the relationship between their people/people systems and key business outcomes. For example, we have experience completing projects to (a) evaluate the results of pilot studies of new products, services, or processes, (b) understand the combination of individual attributes and developmental experiences related to promotional success, (c) identify the drivers and consequences of turnover at the group level, and (d) map the overall people issues (e.g., selection, training, turnover, engagement, compensation, etc.) driving unit performance.

    • Custom versions, built around the organization’s existing leadership or sales competency models are available.