Assessments for Development

Assessments for Development

Our assessments for development have been built around simple but powerful competency models for managerial and sales jobs. In low stakes settings, our assessments have been designed to provide accurate, comparative feedback which highlights strengths and potential weaknesses.

  • Competency-based

    Competency-based framework, tying together talent, developmental experience, and actual behavior using a common language

  • Feedback

    Feedback that pinpoints the competencies to focus on: those where the participant has the needed talent but has not had the developmental experience

  • Developmental recommendations

    Developmental recommendations that match the participant’s talent: stretch assignments for the highly talented, push assignments for the average, and coping assignments for those missing key skills

  • Developmental workshops

    Developmental workshops are available to help participants absorb the feedback and create an individualized development plan tailored to their strengths and weaknesses

  • Custom

    Custom versions, built around the organization’s existing leadership or sales competency models are available

Measures included:
  • Personality

  • Cognitive ability

  • Developmental experience history

  • 90- and 360-degree evaluations

Job families covered: