Interviewing Solutions

Interviewing Solutions

In addition to our online assessments, we offer additional options for organizations wishing to improve the structure, effectiveness, and defensibility of their interviewing efforts.

  • Custom Interview Guides & Interviewing Training

    We have extensive experience in designing structured interview guides specifically for an organization’s target jobs, and providing training on how to deliver interviews and listen for trait-indicative responses. Trained interviewers conducting job-related structured interviews is one of the surest means of improving hiring results. Our instructor-led training will equip your hiring managers with the skills and tools needed to do so.

  • Structured Interviewing as a Service

    We also have significant experience conducting structured interviews on behalf of our clients, for critical hires. Our trained interviewers conduct the interview, author a report highlighting each candidate’s strengths/ weaknesses, and provide feedback to hiring managers as to their recommendations. This turnkey approach assures the greatest in objective perspective and independent thought of mind.